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anyone have bulletproof coffee...but with ghee instead of butter?

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    i make my own. i skim the milk solids off the top but you need to be really careful as it can spit real bad at the beginning. then i strain it off at the end when it has cooled down. what i do notice is how salty the milk solids are at the bottom of the pot. makes you wonder how much salt they actually put in salted butter.


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      Whats the recipe (tsp per cup of ghee)? Do you blend it in blender or just stir into hot coffee?
      And does this drink make one gain weight (over time of drinking it)?


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        I clarify my butter, I think for it to be ghee it has to get to the brown solids, I prefer just to remove the milk solids as soon as possible, while white. It still tastes like butter then to me. Without the problems.

        I love it in my coffee
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          I have tried this kind, it's grass-fed, organic, and comes from non-homogenized milk but it is spendy! Grassfed Organic Ghee 7.8 Oz: Grocery & Gourmet Food

          I just decided to use kerrygold butter, I liked the ghee flavor better but from a cost standpoint the butter is a better choice for me.


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            I get KerryGold salted butter from Costco, since that is the cheapest way of getting grass-fed butter for me. I then clarify it -- which also seems to remove any salt taste that stays with the milk solids.

            I then add 3-4 Tbs of the clarified butter and 3 Tbs of Nutivia virgin coconut oil (also from Costco) to 16 oz. Pete's Major Dickason's coffee (also Costco) brewed with an AeroPress. Yummy and holds you over for hours.


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              I make fatCoffee, and it might be worth trying

              Originally posted by Brent* View Post
              I'm familiar with bulletproof coffee but the recipe calls for butter. Has anyone tried it with ghee? I'm trying to stay completely off butter so sticking with ghee. About how much you think the coffee needs? I assume just throw it all in a blender (coffee and ghee?)

              thanks guys!

              Hey there!

              I have been enjoying butter coffee for a few years now, but actually prefer the ghee. It's got a better flavor, and has the added benefit of being pure butter fat, with all of the milk solids removed - but you probably knew that

              I actually went as far as developing a recipe and packaging it, you can check it out here:

              Ninja Goat Nutritionals | maker of fatCoffee and fatTea

              The ghee I use is from 100% grass-fed butter (which Kerrygold isn't). It's also portable, pre-portioned, and doesn't need to be refrigerated (because there's no water in it at all, so it won't spoil.)

              Hope this helps!