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  • Challah

    All righty. After some poking around and researching, I came up with a challah that reminds me of the eggy bread I used to eat pre-Primal every Shabbat. Is it low-carb? No. It's made with rice flour and potato starch and I figure an extra 25g of carbs for 1/4 of a small loaf once a week is worth the nostalgia. Eaten with loads of butter, naturally.

    If anyone is looking for a recipe to try, here's the link to the recipe on my blog. I'm going to give coconut flour a try to lower the carb count (probably up the egg count to compensate) for those who aren't comfortable using rice flour. I used a silicone challah mold since braiding was out of the question.

    If anyone else has challah recipes that are gluten-free or primal, please share 'em. There's a couple challah threads floating around, but I'm hoping this can be an easily found and focused one.
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    Honestly, I just eat the challah. I make sure after the shabbat service when we are given some challah, I take the smallest piece I can find and take a bite. I figure that the one bite of challah every other week (I don't go weekly... I'm a bad Jew!) isn't going to de-rail my progress or harm my gut too much!

    I may give this recipe a try for Rosh Hashannah though; I'll have to buy that challah mold mentioned in the post you linked to, as the braided look is pretty much necessary! (It will be sad, though, knowing I can't braid it... sigh...)
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      I'd just eat it too, but I get some pretty uncomfortable sinus congestion and ear issues if I eat even a small amount of wheat. And yeah, I do miss the braiding... but just being able to sit and break bread was nice. I hear you can add a few buckwheat groats for the hamotzi if that's important to you.

      And the challah mold is worth it's weight in... well, challah. It's amazing.
      "The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love and something to hope for." - Allan K. Chalmers (1759-1834)


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        Not Jewish but our church does offer GF wafers. We are a small town and I think they primarily did this for me (so nice!) but others have come out of the woodwork about avoiding gluten too!
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