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  • Help - Quick lunch recipes

    I'm a junior in high school and I make my lunch each morning. It's getting difficult to find things to take for lunch that don't require a good bit of time and preparation. I need a few quick and easy ideas for something to take for lunch with a preparation time of around ten to fifteen minutes.

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    My favourite last minute lunch is two boiled eggs, a hunk of cheese, a carrot and a piece of fruit.

    Usually leftovers and a piece of fruit is my other standard lunch fare.

    In summer I grab a few bits of cheese and ham, some vege and some salad dressing, then cut up the vege and dice the chese and ham later at work to make a salad.


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      This blog Primal Kitchen: A Family Grokumentary has a ton of awesome lunch ideas.

      We are trying the bento box lunches this year.

      Good on you for making the effort to pack healthy lunches! My kids will be re-learning how to pack lunches now that we have gone primal.
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        Take a couple slices of deli meat with a slice of cheese, put a lot of spinach in the middle and roll them up...make a couple of those, toss in some cherry tomatoes and olives on the side. Sounds like a quick and easy lunch that you might already have the ingredients for.


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          I run into this too because doing too much cooking before work stresses me out. I like to take the route of getting a few lunches prepped on Sundays and then again on Wednesday evenings so it is all done ahead of time. My current favorite is steamed broccoli with chunks of baked chicken, but you could use this approach with lots of different foods. Good luck!


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              If you're rushed in the morning, one of the best ways to combat that is prep it at night, directly after dinner. This is when we always had to pack our school lunches since we weren't exactly organized and bright-eyed in the morning. You might ask the cook of the house to make an extra serving or two of the main proteins a couple of times a week and turn those into the stars for your lunch. The key of course is that whatever it is has to be appealing cold.

              I'm a big fan of leftovers for lunch. I don't always have them in the same format as at the previous meal. For example, over the holiday weekend I had some grilled lamb and sauteed zuk. I sauteed extra zuk and saved half to dump into scrambled eggs the next day. So maybe scrambled eggs aren't a great brownbag lunch idea, but the next part is. The extra lamb, I chopped up directly after finishing dinner, put it in a container in the fridge, and had it ready to go for a BAS that included pre-chopped cauli and carrots, romaine, the yummy lamb, and some pre-made homemade vinaigrette. When I was putting my lunch together, it took maybe three minutes -- long enough to wash and tear the romaine into bite-sized pieces, and toss in the other ingredients in the fridge that seemed like a good match at the moment. As a variant on that, I've also shredded leftover meat and made lettuce wraps as a nice easy-but-messy lunch option.

              Good luck with your quest for healthy and yummy lunch ideas.