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Beef tongue?

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  • Beef tongue?

    What all do you do with beef tongue? I've got one and I'm planning to cook it today, and so far, inspiration hasn't struck.

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    Slice it thin or dice it, season it, sear it, and eat it!

    I've put cubed tongue in omelets and it's divine. I also, pre-primal, used to eat tongue tacos or put thinly-sliced tongue on sandwiches.
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      I started this thread a while ago:

      It goes a bit out of control for a while, but there's still some ideas in there


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        Slow cooker, 10 hours, skin, toss in a good dry rub and fry quickly.
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          long slow braise with aromatics. cool, peel, slice. finish in home-made tomato confit with lots of herbs. i also just like it cold, sliced with mustard or horseradish.
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            Originally posted by smilingjustalittlebit View Post
            Slow cooker, 10 hours, skin, toss in a good dry rub and fry quickly.
            This. And toss the skin to a very happy dog. Once it is cooked enough to skin easily, you can do anything with it. Serve it chopped up in a curry, sliced with any kind of sauce. You have to get that skin off though. I get grossed out about my dinner licking me back.