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Did I royally mess up this ghee making attempt?

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  • Did I royally mess up this ghee making attempt?

    I followed a tutorial to the letter(I thought) and this what i have ended up with. Its not golden like i guess it should be but it smells fantastic. Even if it isn't exactly right is it still good to use?

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    It looks like you've made browned butter. It's totally edible and delicious, but it means you left your butter on the heat for too long (maybe with the heat too high, too).
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      Agreed with MissJecka. The heat should be fairly low. I just simmer the butter and it separates just fine. Takes maybe 15 minutes at most, at a guess.
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        So its good to eat?

        I wanted to make ghee as an experiment to see if i could use it in place of butter as dairy seems to give me gas. Will what I have here have less of an impact in that department?


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          Stink your finger in it... taste it.

          If it tastes like nutty yummy goodness... you've made browned butter. Strain and enjoy!
          If it tastes burnt, you've somehow manages to screw the pooch. I seriously doubt that this has occurred.

          For Ghee stick to low and med-low heat... do NOT allow to brown.
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            Well as it cooled and solidified the color turned from that dark brown to a nice pretty golden brown.

            is it ghee? or just browned butter? whatever it is I slathered it on an omelet and it was delicious. sort of tasted like unsweet caramel corn.


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              When you pour it off you should leave the white/brown parts of milk protein behind. No harm, no foul.

              As others have said, it looks like you did it too long and burnt th emilk proteins. I use the same sort of jug as you, but I do it by putting the jug in the oven on the lowest setting possible (about 50dC).
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                When you just simmer for 15 minutes or so you are making clarified butter. By simmering for a long time until it is nice a golden brown you are making toasted ghee. Personally, I love ghee made golden brown like that. It has a lovely buttery/caramel taste that is fantastic. That being said, I think you were about 30 seconds away from burning the whole batch. I have done it, and ended up throwing it all out because the scorched taste was just too much for me. But I always toast my ghee now.
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