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Making coconut oil

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  • Making coconut oil

    So wifey and I got a couple of coconuts this morning, and after using all the water in a berry smoothie, she decided to have a crack at making coconut oil. We -
    1) Opened the nuts, and scraped/gouged/mangled out all the flesh.
    2) Put it in the blender with a bit of water (we don't have a processor, unfortunately, or I would have left out the water)
    3) Blended the bejesus out of it
    4) Squeezed it out in a cloth until we were left with almost dry, shredded coconut, that I added to the dogs food
    5) Put the milky squeezings into a big jar.

    Now, it is supposed to separate into 'curd', 'milk' and oil (how this will appear I am not sure - instructions very vague) over the next 24 hours, and then we chill it, remove the solid curd (and milk, I presume?!) and we'll be left with "pure virgin coconut oil", which sounds heaps better than slutty, gadabout coconut oil.

    Anyone see any probs with this, or tried it before? 10 coconuts will supposedly yield a litre of oil, so I will be happy if we can get 100mls from this first experiment. At the moment, we are paying $30 for a litre, or $8 for 150mls if we can't get the bigger tins (I know - dirty thieves!)
    The coconuts cost me a dollar each, so if it works, we are winning.

    I am going to try coconut butter next - I've never eaten it - after reading some posts about it when I searched here for info on making the oil. Dehydrate, puree and enjoy. Sounds pretty easy.

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    Man, this is confusing. Everyone online has a slightly different way of extracting the oil. Cold pressing is obviously preferable, but we may have to heat this batch to get it to separate. The next batch I'll grate, squeeze and add no water except a bit of coconut water and then see how I go with natural fermentation and separation (I think in the freezer is the go, but who bloody knows at this point.)
    I'm going to bed.


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      OK, we got oil. We let it separate overnight in the fridge, and then took the solid milk cake which formed on top and rendered that down over low heat, until oil split out and left a bunch of toasty solids. This we strained, and cooled, and huzzah! It solidified into a nice 1/2 cup of coconut oil.
      We aren't cooking with this batch, it'll be used for massage oil etc... and it does smell a bit 'toasted' compared to bought stuff, but not at all unpleasantly so. Really happy with it for a first crack.
      The next batch will be cold pressed, and with a dozen or so nuts. I got a food processor off ebay this morning, so that should make it easier.


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        So interesting... I'm going to have to try this too. Thanks for sharing!


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          Originally posted by palebluedots View Post
          So interesting... I'm going to have to try this too. Thanks for sharing!

          No worries. It is a lot easier than I thought. I'll try the cold pressing when our food processor arrives, and post an update.


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            Hey, that sounds like fun!
            Making adventure out of this thing called life


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              I actually decided to have a go at cooking with the oil I made, and used it to bake some pumpkin for breakfast, then a bit more to puree it. Bloody beautiful! The toasted flavor really added something, and although I will use home-made cold-pressed oil from now on (again, when I get the food processor - hurry up ebay seller!!!) for cooking, I just had to try it.
              I also used it for massage oil last night, and although I am sure I smelled like a 1970's beach bum, (sans moustache... actually, I have a moustache, but it has a beard to keep it company) my wife smelled great!
              Try it guys, its easy! There are heaps of tutorials on youtube, that explain the process much better than I did.