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Almond flour, coconut flour

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  • Almond flour, coconut flour

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    I just made some paleo blueberry muffins using mostly almond flour and they were a hit. I think the almond has a slight nutty taste.

    this is the basic recipe I used: Paleo Blueberry Muffins. Except instead of honey I used 3 table spoons of dextrose and tapioca flour instead of arrowroot, which I didn't have. I think the basic ingredient would make a good banana bread too.
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      I think coconut flour has a better capability of producing a lighter, fluffier baked good than denser nut flours, but I use it to sub for about 30% of the typical flour ingredient. Almond flour seems to need a lower baking temperature (300ish) vs coconut flour tolerating more of the typical 350 degrees but baking TIME usually is reduced. I usually use a combination of the two (or three), but I always have to increase the liquid when using coconut flour because it soaks it up due to high fiber content; sometimes by the same amount I am subbing (ie: sub 1/4 c of coconut flour I need to add almost 1/4 c of liquid like honey or an egg). If you do use only coconut flour, you will have to use more eggs than you normally do in traditional recipes.
      Keep almond flour refrigerated, and know that almond flour is different than almond meal (coarser grind).

      There are several sites that might be helpful. I think one is called Elana's pantry. I seem to remember that one was good for almond recipes. Coconut flour is GREAT for savory dishes. It can also be used as a thickening agent for sauces.

      for me, I had to tinker with recipes a TON before I could get results I wanted (sometimes I got lucky on try #1). The differences between different coconut flours themselves in weight will affect the outcome, as well as between almond flour/meal. For example, I walk a fine line between baking a coconut bar and a coconut custard due to the number of eggs needed for the recipe. I used liquid sweetener (coconut syrup) once and got a custardy bar; powdered sweetener (coconut sugar) and got a more bar-like consistency. Both tasted AWESOME.

      I think experimenting is part of the fun! Enjoy... sorry about the rambling reply.
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