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Recipe question: Pickled Spiced Plums, hold the sugar?

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  • Recipe question: Pickled Spiced Plums, hold the sugar?

    Hey hey hey!

    My backyard is a-fruiting with millions of delicious little plums. I want to do something with them, other than scrape the fermented plum goop off my lawn in a week or two. My idea: drying (easy), and pickling (hard!). However, all of the pickling recipes I've found use loads of sugar. Is it possible to preserve fruits without sugar? If you have a recipe for preserved plums, hold the sugar, please send it to me.


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    You could probably find no-sugar pickling recipes online - but if you are going to dry some anyway, make some fruit leather. Simmer the pitted fruit in a wee bit of water, run it through the food processor (to get the skins into tiny bits), with a splash of lemon or lime juice. Add a bit of honey or frozen apple juice concentrate if it's too twangy or tart. If it's too runny (you want the consistency like thick apple butter), you could let it cook down in a crock pot or in an open pan in a low oven. Cool it & schmear it on plastic wrap fitted to the dehydrator trays (about 1/4" thick), and let the drier do its work.

    Let us know how it works out!