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Salmon Cooked in Bacon Fat?

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  • Salmon Cooked in Bacon Fat?

    I just cooked up a bunch of bacon and getting excited about the fat. My husband will be cooking salmon tonight. Has anyone ever tried cooking salmon in bacon fat, or is this crazy?

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    Never did it but it sounds good to me. Let's see... smoky bacon + salmon... how could this possibly fail?


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      I find that salmon is better with lower taste fats, since it has delicate flavor. I would cook your veggies that go as a side to salmon in bacon fat.
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        I've cooked salmon in bacon fat many times. It's amazing! But then again everything is better with bacon.
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          I'm sure it'll be fantastic. I was grilling up some wings and ran out of propane so......I brought them inside and finished by cooking them in rendered bacon fat. They were the best wings ever. Go Team Bacon!


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            LOL @ Walkerdog... When in doubt for a sports team name "Team Bacon" will be a great choice!

            So, We cooked the salmon two ways. My husband used a chipotle olive oil and seasoned his with pepper and seasoning salt. I cooked the asparagus in the bacon fat, then cooked my piece in the bacon fat once the asparagus was done.
            I've got to say, even with no other seasonings on the bacon-fat salmon, it still beat out the oil olive for taste. Yummy!


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              Awesome! I used bacon grease to caramelize onions this morning for a veggie gratin. Can't wait......the wife used coconut oil to fry up homemade crab cakes last night. She also gave them a coating of shaved coconut which gave them a real nice crust....drooling p~


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                Yes! Seafood and bacon is AMAZEBALLS!

                I sauteed a bunch of shrimp in lard, and it was honestly foodgasmic!
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