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So I bought my first whole chicken... What do I do with it?! :)

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    Chicken spoils more quickly on the bone. I learned this the hard way. I personally devour the legs first, and the wings. I cut the breast meat off and if it's a fair amount, I freeze it, even if it's just for a few days. The carcass then gets picked for chicken salad, and the carcass in the freezer to make soup with when I have time.

    I tend to use breast meat in stews and curries, so freezing it is the way to go for me. I just cooked up the last 9 lb chicken tonight, so I will get a number of meals. Mmmmmmmm, farm fresh monster sized chicken!
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      We just put a few cloves of garlic and a lemon, quartered, inside the chicken, salt the heck out of it, and put in the oven on a cast iron skillet at about 375 until it's done. Save all the bones for the stock, which is really simple: put the bones into a stock pot (ours is about 8" diameter), add a clove of garlic, maybe half an onion and a carrot and/or celery stalk, cover the bones so they're underwater by about an inch, bring to a boil, then simmer gently for about 4 hours. Your house will smell great...oh, and before you cook it, make sure it's dead first, and all the feathers off :-)


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        Throw it at passing vegetarians.