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  • Help with brown bagging

    I love to eat primally and I tend to eat that way normally in a perfect world. My problem comes with lunch. We have a cafeteria in our office, but it is not the best for paleo food. I would much rather bring my lunch and know for sure what I am getting. But I know myself...if it is not super quick and convenient, I won't make my lunch. I am at work by 7 am every morning and I just can't make my self get up much earlier to make lunch.

    Does anyone have any great ideas for lunches that are good, easily portable, and quick to put together (or can be made a couple of days ahead)? I do sometimes fast for lunch, but I don't like fasting in the middle of the day and sometimes it doesnt work "socially" with my colleagues if I don't eat something.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    I work at 7am as well, and the only food options are gas station pizza, Subway, or Sodexho food service. The thing is to get your food together the night before. I make my own frozen dinners- burger patty, chicken, slab of roast, whatever; frozen veg with a pat of butter/ghee; drizzle of EVOO, salt, pepper. Toss in a piece of fruit and a bag of nuts. Boring, but can be made ahead and reliably primal. One of those microwave egg poachers can be handy, just bring a few eggs in it and crack them when you're ready to nuke it. Also- canned tuna, leftover primal chili(the best), cold lunch meats and cheese, yogurt, beef jerky, hard boiled eggs, avocados...
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      This has been covered may times before, so a quick search through the forums should give some ideas.

      My snap (which is yorkshire for packed lunch) is usally a tupperware tub full of stuff with a fork taped to the lid.

      Ideas include, cold meat, leftovers from last nights tea, tinned fish (out of the tin) salad leaves, raw veg, colslaw, nuts, HB eggs, pata (offaly nice). I find it quicker and far nicer than making a sandwich, I even used to do it pre-primal when I was on CW diet, big box of salad, ham, feta, olives and some kind of nasty diet dressing. Tasty, but better primalised
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        I thought the topic would be covered, but if you search "brown bag" it comes back with very little. Thanks for the idea. That sounds great. I also just came across these wraps that are made from coconut that I may try. They are expensive, but they may be worth it for the convenience.


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          I keep cans of salmon, a can opener and sweet potatoes in my office. I have a stick of butter in the shared fridge. I take mustard, salt and pepper packets from the little food places on campus. I'm all set for a quick lunch.
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            Yes, I'm not sure what terms to search but there are a million threads on similar problems -- as you can imagine pretty much everyone confronts this issue for themselves or family members sooner or later.

            I'll repeat a few ideas -

            Like sbhikes, I'd recommend cans of (wild-caught skin/bones) salmon, but to avoid the need for a can opener consider tins of sardines. Mustard is good to keep around, and hot sauce. Sweet potatoes are a great idea especially if you have access to a microwave; then you can just cook them as needed.

            Leftovers and Big-Ass Salads are probably the most recommended things as primal fuel we generally have around the house, easy to throw into containers and carry in as needed.

            If you like eggs, the possibilities for quiche-like things and/or eggy/omelet mix cooked up as cupcakes or in flat pans to be squared and grabbed as needed are a great way to go. They'll keep in the fridge or you can make a bigger batch and freeze, also.

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              What I do is either cook and freeze a weeks worth on Sundays or when making supper, I plan in lunch for the next day and set that aside when serving supper. Either way you have lunches prepared ahead of time. I have also found that on PB, I eat a big breakfast of 4 boiled eggs and a pat of butter. I eat this at 6 am and am ok till noon, A big ass salad with a handfull of sunflower seeds and evoo dressing is fine till dinner.
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