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Milk-free, egg-free breakfast ideas anyone?

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  • Milk-free, egg-free breakfast ideas anyone?

    Hi there

    I'm new to this site, having read the amazing Primal Blueprint book. I'm now embarking on the exciting journey of becoming 'primal' by day.
    One thing I'm struggling with, which I'd be so grateful to have any ideas for, is breakfast ideas. I'm allergic to dairy (as is my son) and eggs, but don't always want meat for breakfast... What else? Smoked salmon is good, but I'm stuck there.

    Any inspiration very gratefully received!

    Big thanks

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    I don't have time to make an elaborate breakfast so I just blend up banana, berries, almond milk, bee pollen, coconut oil and protein powder. Lasts me till lunch.


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      Anything you'd eat for another meal. Salad topped with animal protein. A pork chop with a side of veggies can be cooked up in minutes. No need to think of breakfast as breakfast, it's a modern construct. Just think of it as your first meal. Or a meal.
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        If you are hungry eat, but if not, then skip it.


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          My breakfasts tend to be egg based, with occasional meat ones thrown in. When wild caught salmon is on sale at Costco, I will get that and broil for breakfasts. Burger sliders are a regular breakfast. I make them with chopped greens, shiitake mushrooms, and onion, with coconut flour/egg as a bit of binder. You could omit the egg and use something else to help bind. Chicken legs also make a good breakfast. So does leftover beef stew.


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            Soup is nice, too, oddly enough. And adding a extra dollop of coconut oil onto the top makes it even more filling.


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              Broth is wonderful for breakfast, and you can always use mini-meatballs from neutral meat, like turkey in it. Canned or salted fish works well with salad greens.

              Coconut milk and chilled coconut milk can sub for cream on berries and fruit. Nut butters go well with any crunchy veggies and fruit.

              Grated vegetable salads work really well as summer breakfasts, like grated carrot and jikama (maybe with apples and walnuts). In the winter, baked mushed vegetables, like pumpkin, cauliflower and sweet potato makes a great sub for porridge.

              Both eggs and dairy help with neutral flavored protein, but if you cannot consume it, think about other proteins and see which one you'd like to have for breakfast. Boiled chicken? Crab cake? Fried mushrooms? Maybe even legumes?
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                I'm allergic to eggs too (moderately) and so I've also struggled with what to have for breakfast as well. Mostly, I have sliced deli meat and some cheese for breakfast. I don't want to spike my insulin, so I avoid fruit in the mornings. Most often, I have some sort of salami, because it has such a high fat content, it's easy to eat a few slices and then I'm off on my way to work. Sometimes I eat sliced meat with mustard, other times just cheese. This morning, I had pfefferoni (a salami w/cracked pepper around the edges) and put (grass-fed) butter on it. And Oh My GOODness! was that delicious! For some reason, the butter coupled with the salami really brought out the taste of the salami in a way that I found very wonderful.

                Some people will blast me for having so much cured meat, but you do what you can. Since eggs mostly make me feel nauseous, and I do want to eat breakfast, and I don't speak German, and the shops are different here than in the U.S., and it was making me incredibly stressed out trying to figure out what to eat. I've compromised and just look for organic and mostly sugar free meats.

                Good luck, it's tricky trying to figure out what will work for you.

                Tomorrow, I'm going to make myself tuna salad for breakfast. Which usually consists of tuna, mayo, diced red onion and celery, freshly cracked pepper. Sometimes I jazz this up by adding an avocado or pepperoncini to the salad (I dice the pepperonciini up, so they're the same consistency of the onion and celery).
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                  Here's three: soup, fruit or a stir fry (with or without meat).
                  Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

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                    sweet potato hash and sausage or bacon


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                      Prawn stir fry. Throw in whatever veggies you like. Quick easy and filling.


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                        I have a nice gluten-free muesli recipe (nuts, seeds and dried fruit) which I have with coconut milk - it's from a Budding Books recipe book I have on my Kindle. Have to watch the portion size as it is quite high in calories but it's very tasty and a good option when you don't have much time. I've been meaning to try the primal hot cereal in Mark's quick and easy book too.


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                          i would be careful eating fruit for breakfast! if you don't combine it with a good protein, your sugar will likely crash. many get a really upset tummy on fruit in the morning. also, since fruit is sugar, you could get some weight gain or fluff around the middle adding it to your diet!

                          i do a lot of sweet potatoes hashbrowns with sausage. it fills me up really nicely, it is inexpensive, it is super nutritious, and sooo delicious! you can make big batches and reheat throughout the week.