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Where did all the bacon grease go??? (stainless vs nonstick grease yields)

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  • Where did all the bacon grease go??? (stainless vs nonstick grease yields)

    All -
    A few days ago, I used a nonstick pan to make 3 slices of bacon and scramble a few eggs. It gave me a ton of grease, some of which I poured into a jar that I'm keeping in the fridge for when I need extra bacon grease, and I used the rest of the grease to flavor my scrambled eggs. Keys here: nonstick, 3 slices, bunches of grease.

    This morning, I used a stainless steel pan to make 6 slices of bacon and scramble those same few eggs. Today, nearly NO grease. Well, like a teaspoon or so, which all went to the eggs, of course. Keys here: twice the bacon, less grease, stainless steel pan.

    So ... why didn't I get more grease? It stands to reason that double the bacon content (same package from the first example, by the way) would yield double the grease. That said, I had all those hard burned on brown bits that did wind up incorporated into my eggs. But I was looking forward to holding onto the extra bacon grease for something I'm making this evening.

    1) Is it normal to not get as much bacon grease when using stainless steel v nonstick (I used about the same temperature, by the way)
    2) Yes, I know a cast iron skillet would prolly solve some of this issue, but I don't own one yet. It's on the list -- but as a newbie, committed to fully living primal/paleo for at least a month, I figured spending on the meats and veg was more important.
    3) Thoughts? Advice? Observations?

    Thanks in advance,
    BTW, I'm one week in and pretty much sold. I feel better, I'm losing weight, and as a recovering vegetarian, I find that I enjoy meals much more, no longer get stressed out while thinking about when my next meal might be, and did I mention -- I've already lost weight?

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    Maybe a stupid question but are the pans the same size?

    Things like this seem to happen to me all the time and whenever I ask people for possible explanations they look at me like I'm crazy for evening thinking about the question I'm glad I'm not the only one out there!