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BBQ Chicken Legs With Bacon

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  • BBQ Chicken Legs With Bacon

    We have pretty much given up dairy, actually, Hubby has given up dairy, which means I might as well give it up, too. This means that some of our favorite recipes are off the menu. Fortunately, Hubby figured out how to paleo-ize one of our favorites.

    Originally, this recipe involved stuffing a mixture of ricotta, salt and pepper and whatever herbs we felt like using stuffed under the skin of chicken legs. A slice of bacon was wrapped around the top edge of the skin and secured with a toothpick. A half and half mixture of mustard and oil was brushed over the chicken legs, then they were either cooked on the BBQ or baked. Yummy.

    Did I mention Hubby is a genius?

    He has been trying recipes for nut "cheeses" he found in a raw cookbook. I bet you can see where this is going. He made a tahini "cheese" and used it for the stuffing and it was very good. We made this cheese, because it was the only one we had all the ingredients on hand for, but plan on trying other nut cheeses in the future. The tahini cheese tasted like and had the consistency of cream cheese.

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    Mmmm. Thanks!