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Scotch egg, attempting runny yolks

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  • Scotch egg, attempting runny yolks

    The recipe calls for a soft boiled (3min) but I couldn't get it out of the shell without destroying egg. So I poached it for 3min then plunged it into an ice bath to stop cooking. Used ground pork instead of sausage. Placed 1/2lb pork in food processor with 1/4c water and 1/2tsp salt and seasonings of choice. Puree till smooth and pasty. Divide pork mixture in 2 and place each on plastic wrap and spread to a 1/4thickness. Place egg in center , then gather up plastic and form ball around egg. Twist to make tight and place in refridge for pork to set.

    Preheat oven to 400f and heat lard in deep fryer or pan, when hot place pork/egg in oil for 3 min. Remove and drain. Place on wire rack over pan place in oven for 7min, then broil on high for 3. Let cool cool and enjoy.

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    Gosh that looks good.

    What seasonings did you use? I don't know what spices go well with pork.


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      Kept it simple, salt pepper and a bit of sage. Loved the contrast of textures, crunchy exterior and soft creamy center.


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        That looks absolutely beautiful and delicious!
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          oh, we loves us some scotch eggs here. i need to make some again! they don't last long.
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