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  • Freshology

    There is a company out of California that sells flash frozen pre-prepared meals (freshology). Some of their menu items have carbs//grains and I can substitute those later. But has anyone tried these meals? Are they good? Do they mostly fit into the primal system? I'm recovering from surgery and that is why I want to try pre made meals for a few weeks (hard for me to cook).

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    Originally posted by Mlobanoff View Post
    Do they mostly fit into the primal system?
    First off, welcome Mlobanoff. Good to have you on the forum. I'm confused by this question though. As it seems like something that you could easily figure out on your own. Just look at the ingredient list, versus what is primal. If you aren't sure what is considered Primal check out the Primal Blueprint 101 resources, particularly the Definitive Guide to Primal Eating.
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      Sorry, let me clarify. The ingredient list looks like it will fit the PB well. I want to know if any members have tried this company. Is the [I]Quality of the food good? Does it taste good?



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        Damn! I mis-read the title. I thought it said, FLESHology, and was going to be about some new primal oriented college course - like maybe on the anatomy of BBQ.

        Hrm. I'd buy any BBQ book with that title come to think of it.