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  • Mutton Mince help

    Bought 1/2kg of mutton mince and need some ideas.... help?

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    some kind of meatloaf or maybe some sorta shepherds pie? i am about to mince up some lamb and make some kibbeh Kibbeh Sinayee (Lamb Diamonds!) | theclothesmakethegirl mutton just has a stronger flavour so i am sure it would be fine. you could make a ragu sauce or something with lots of garlic, herbs and tomatoes in if you didnt like the mutton flavour.


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      Just use it like normal mince.
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        Treat it like strong flavoured lamb mince.
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          Thanks for your help everyone

          I've decided to cook this

          Mainly as all the spices I have and I'll make a tzatziki/raita to go with it

          Only change will be to use olive oil and add an egg in there for the bind

          Then fry in butter... not sure how it will turn out but