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Delicious Sardine Patties!

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  • Delicious Sardine Patties!

    Hey y'all!

    I looked on here for sardine recipes and there weren't a whole lot, so I tweaked a recipe I found elsewhere to make these really yummy sardine patties for dinner. They were so good, easy and inexpensive, I thought I would share the recipe with y'all.

    Sardine Patties

    2 tins of sardines, drained (I used Chicken of the Sea brand, packed in water)
    2 eggs
    1 tsp minced garlic
    Dash of salt
    Dash of pepper
    Dash of lime juice

    1. Mix together all ingredients in a bowl.
    2. Heat butter in a cast iron skillet over medium heat.
    3. Spoon in enough of the mixture to make whatever size patties you want. Brown for a few minutes on one side until firm, flip and brown the other side.

    Makes 4 patties.

    Fat: 14g
    Sat. Fat: 6g
    Carbs: 1g (from the garlic, apparently)
    Protein: 46g

    My husband and I broke up the patties over romaine lettuce and ate with sweet chili sauce (the only sugar I still eat - my favorite salad dressing). I'm definitely going to keep making this. Enjoy!

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