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who here bbqs ? smoker talk only

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    I have 3 Big Green eggs. I think they are the best grill and smoker ever. I use mine most everyday. Tomorrow I am going to smoke a tri-tip. Yeaterday I seared a skirt steak and made fijita's. I have make smoked turkey, brisket, pulled pork, ribs and most everything else that can be put on a smoker.


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      FiancÚ and I reallllllly want a Big Green Egg. They're pricey here in Canada tho.
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        I've been looking at these

        Smokenator 1000 - Introduction

        and wondering if I got one, could I just use my Weber kettle and sell the WSM?


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          I have a Brinkmann electric... which I guess isn't a "real" smoker, but it works really well and I like it.

          I've got a skin-on picnic roast on there right now. I'm going to take it off in about 8 hours, let it rest for a good 30 minutes, then blast it in a 500 degree oven as shown in this recipe:

          Ultra-Crispy Slow-Roasted Pork Shoulder | Serious Eats : Recipes

          Smoked pork rinds anyone!?


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            I got a Traeger and am going to fire it up tonight for the first time. Pretty excited for this event. Need to learn the best way to cook on this grill as I'm coming from a gas grill.


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              I built smokehouse out of concrete block, dry stacked, about 4 blocks by 4 blocks wide and about 4 rows high. The cover is a 2x2 frame with sheet metal screwed on it. the fire box is bascially a block trough that I burn charcoal or wood in, which is also covered with sheet metal.

              I made a lip for a rack to rest on by offsetting the 2nd from the top row of blocks out by about an inch.

              I have done sausage, brisket, bacon in it.

              Got the idea from the Smokehouse book the Marianski's put out.
              Meat Smoking And Smokehouse Design: Stanley Marianski, Robert Marianski, Adam Marianski: 9780982426708: Books