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Need something to satisfy my sweet tooth (help me with "cups")

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  • Need something to satisfy my sweet tooth (help me with "cups")

    I am very new to the primal world but feeling the benefits already. However, I have 3 small questions:

    Last night, I made some muffins after following a link through the website. Honestly... They were terrible and ended up in the bin. I was so disappointed! So my questions:

    Can anybody recommend a fool proof recipe to satisfy my sweet tooth?

    I am trying to master the American cup system. Does anyone know a good website or system of conversion. It takes me ages to convert everything and then cook?

    Finally, any tips when using coconut / almond flour (everything ends up very solid and heavy when I use it)

    All advice and suggestions welcome. Thanks

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    I either eat some raspberries and greek yoghurt or make banana pikelets.

    mash a banana, add an egg, some spice of choice (I use cinnamon and nutmeg, or mixed spice), some dessicated coconut and about a teaspoon of coconut flour. Heat some ghee and pour the batter in. I'm lazy and can't do little ones, I make one big one. When cooked, turn and cook on the other side. Melted butter over top is delicious. I"ve also found if I undercook it a little before turning, it's not as dry.

    I'm Aussie so no idea on the American cup thing. But I have found that you need less coconut flour for the above recipe than I assumed at the start and someone mentioned that you need more moisture as coconut flour is very absorbent. I've never used almond flour.


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      I eat really dark chocolate when I'm craving sugar, satisfying and can't eat much of it.


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        I don't do the primal baking thing - the recipes are always disappointing and those nut flours are not that great except is very small amounts.

        But I do have a sweet tooth! I limit all these things quite a bit because they are not allowed on the autoimmune protocol I follow, but these are some of my favorites:

        - Full fat greek yogurt with berries and shaved dark chocolate.
        - chocolate covered almonds or cashews
        - a chocolate bark where I take coconut flakes and toast them in a mixture of butter and coconut oil until golden brown then I melt in a bar of dark chocolate and let the whole thing harden in the fridge. Good stuff!
        - frozen coconut cream in the blended with really ripe mangos.
        - frozen banana dipped in chocolate
        - fresh berries in cream with honey or shaved dark chocolate

        Your taste for sweet swill dampen down if you stick with primal for a while. So "desserts" don't need to be as overly sweet as they were before.

        Good luck!
        Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )


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          Every once in a while (usually corresponds with a certain time of the month)...
          Lightly sweetened(I use a few drops of liquid stevia), chocolate (dutched cocoa powder), whipped coconut cream.
          I store a can of coconut milk in the refrigerator for this purpose... it will separate... use only the thick white part. (I discard the clear stuff)

          The can may be in there for 2 months before I use it... but it's there.
          It has never caused a weight gain. But then, like I said, I don't eat it often.
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            As you adjust to primal, you'll find your sweet tooth isnt so strong. It is time to wean yourself off baked treats.

            I ate alot of Larabars, dried fruit, dark chocolate in the beginning. Gradually I needed them less. Now my sweet fix is a banana smoothie with cocoa, or some frozen berries with greek yogurt and honey.

            I love whipped cream with fruit, or maybe cheesecake or high quality ice cream once in a while. But these are rare treats, and don't have the same addictive effect on me as baked starchy-sweet desserts.
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              Agree with the other posters - give your sweet tooth time, and the occasional stern stare, and it will dramatically change! I've been really surprised lately to find my response to sweet food is much the same as it once would have been if you'd put lemon juice on my tongue! It's... not a nice taste to me any more!

              Bitter chocolate is about the extent of my sweet tooth now. Frozen blueberries are another favourite on a hot day! For something sweeter, try mashing some banana up with coconut milk and cinnamon.

              For me, really boosting up my healthy fats intake was the key to killing the sweet tooth, though. If you're struggling, it might be worth trying the same?

              If it absolutely has to be cake, I haven't tried them, but the cake recipes on PaleOMG always look amazing!

              Really hope that helps.
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                Thanks everyone! I think I will just forget about the baking idea and stick with the suggestions above. Bron, I am going to try your pikelets and stick with the dark chocolate and Greek yoghurt. Although, at the moment I could still murder a piece of chocolate cake.......


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                  A frozen banana that is sliced up always does the trick for me!


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                    I have German cousins. The last time they were in the US, we bought a set of stainless steel measuring cups and measuring spoons, which they took back to Germany. This ensured that they never had to convert when using an American recipe, which they sometimes do. I suggest you get a set by ordering online - they will more than pay for themselves in usefulness. While you are at it, get a one-cup glass measuring cup for liquids (it has a pour spout) - Pyrex is a durable brand name.

                    Flour is measured here by filling the appropriate flat-top measuring cup to heaping, and then levelling with something flat-edged like the back of a dinner knife. Only well-travelled cooks, chefs, etc weigh flours here.

                    Hope this helps!
                    I have a mantra that I have spouted for years... "If I eat right, I feel right. If I feel right, I exercise right. If I exercise right, I think right. If I think right, I eat right..." Phil-SC


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                      Really simple and foolproof, but sooo delicious: take a handful of strawberries or raspberries or both and squash them up a bit in a bowl with a fork. Add a splurge of cream an stir a bit until its all pink from the berry juice. Heavenly. Good to combine with dark chocolate also!


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                        Coconut manna does the trick for me.
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                          Try my no-cheat chocolatey goodness muffin. It's great and just banana, egg, nut butter and cocoa. Recipe and pic here
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                            Originally posted by vb66 View Post
                            A frozen banana that is sliced up always does the trick for me!
                            And sprinkled w cinnamon or cocoa powder! Does it for me as well!!!!


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                              Originally posted by Sheena View Post
                              I am trying to master the American cup system. Does anyone know a good website or system of conversion. It takes me ages to convert everything and then cook?
                              Cooking conversion online.

                              The above website will convert U.S to metric numbers, volumes to weights, etc.

                              If you don't want to pull up that website every time, I'd recommend taking the conversion factors there, and then rounding them to a number that's a nice approximation - for instance if you use 250 mL instead of 236 mL = 1 cup, it makes the calculation much easier, and it's probably not enough to make a big difference in most recipes. If there's not a nice round number that's close, you may not be able to do this for every number.
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