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Question about liver?

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  • Question about liver?

    I've been meaning to try adding organ meat to my diet. I've had liver before and actually like it. That being said, the only form of it that my local coop sells is frozen yogurt. I've got a tub of it in my freezer, but I'm to nervous to thaw it out until I have an idea what to do with it. Any suggestions?

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    Frozen yogurt liver?

    I don't even...
    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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      Frozen yogurt? That's not liver... try going to a butcher and buy some calves liver. Fry quickly in butter or lard, add some ground black pepper and chopped sage leaves and eat fairly rare. Delicious. Or make a pate...


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        I'm going to guess that you meant to just say "frozen" and had yogurt on the brain.

        Personally, I like the really simple approach with beef liver. Salt and pepper it, put it in a hot, greased cast-iron skillet for about 30 seconds on each side (my liver comes sliced pretty thin). Then eat it with plenty of butter and caramelized onions (I keep a batch in the freezer).

        For chicken liver the above approach will work, but it is also delicious as chopped liver or pate. I've tried both of the recipes below and they are both very good:
        Chopped Liver Recipe : Ina Garten : Recipes : Food Network
        Bourbon Chicken Liver Pâté Recipe at


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          add butter and onion, fry less than what you think you should.


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            Wow, apparently I was more tired than I thought last night. I did indeed mean to say beef liver. I'm not sure where yogurt came from... Thanks for the suggestion.


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              I love liver fried in lots of bacon grease.
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