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    My hubby and I got fishing licenses for the first time this year. I caught a trout and on father's day my hubby caught five. The freezer door got left open and now I have a bunch of thawed trout. I haven't actually cooked trout before, so I am looking for recipe ideas.

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    We always left them whole, stuffed the cavity with onions,lemon slices and butter. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, wrap in foil and throw them on the grill. The skin will peel off and you can scoop the meat right off the bones. A fish about 12 inches long should take about 10 mins or so. Flip them once.
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      I salt and pepper the cavity, put herbs into it, then put the fish on the bed of celery and onions on a parchment paper, top with butter and lemon slices, wrap up, bake in 425 degree oven for 20 min, unwrap paper, broil for 3-4 min to crispy up the skin.
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