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July 4th Party Recipes!

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  • July 4th Party Recipes!

    I'm an Aussie married to an American and we're hosting a large 4th of July party this year. Can anyone help me with some recipes for fun party food? The main course will be easy - MEAT cooked on the grill! So I'm interested in things like bite sized snacks and desserts. I'd like to impress my family with some primal friendly recipes.

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    Tostones with guac/salsa/sour cream
    Shrimp cocktail (with HFCS-free cocktail sauce)
    Caprese Salad (fancy name for fresh mozzarella/tomatoes/basil)
    The Champagne of Beards


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      My dude hosts a pig roast once a summer. I think the recipe is something like:

      1) Find pig
      2) Kill pig
      3) Dig pit
      4) Light pit on fire
      5) Drop in pig
      6) Bury pig
      7) Wait
      8) Dig up pig and eat

      Also bacon wrapped shrooms are amazeballs.
      I've got of one them journal thingies. One Night At McCool's


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        Jalapenos sliced in half and filled with goat cheese and seasonings (salt, chili powder, paprika) wrapped in bacon and grilled.



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          Finger Foods:

          Veggie platter (carrots, broccoli, celery, cauliflower, etc) with dipping sauces
          fruit platter /fruit kebobs
          Prosciutto wrapped around cantaloupe bites
          Deviled eggs
          Cheese sticks
          Stuffed cherry tomatoes
          Bacon wrapped anything (shrimp, jalapenos, peaches)

          green salad
          bean-less chili
          Fake potato salad (made with cauliflower)
          Curried cauliflowers
          4 bean salad (if you eat legumes)
          Grilled veggies

          Chocolate mole brownies (recipe at the bottom Whole9 Caters a Wedding | Whole9 | Let us change your life.)
          Paleo cookies (lots of recipes out there)
          Fresh fruit and whip cream
          Fruit smoothies
          Paleo ice cream
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            oh, you could also do a search for holiday food (especially superbowl recipes) here to find lots of ideas
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              If you have great meat and salads hopefully no one will miss the usual crap.


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                For appitizers on the grill my family makes stuffed jalapenos, we fill it with a 50/50 ground beef/sausage mixture, I also like going primals idea of wrapping them in bacon!


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                  Watermelon is a staple for my husband on 4th of July. Last year I made maple bacon ice cream rootbeer floats. It was awesome til the ice cream melted & I had bacon floaties in my root beer.

                  mostly we just have burgers & hotdogs though.
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                    You've got some great ideas above, but just wanted to add... the most popular dessert at our family's yearly 4th of July party has always been the individual red white & blue cheesecakes. You can use a primal cheesecake recipe to make individual size ones (in muffin tins with festive/patriotic paper cups) then top half of them with blueberries and half with strawberries. Silly and trite, perhaps, but it's yummy and looks very patriotic.

                    And watermelon, who doesn't love cold juicy watermelon in the middle of summer? Have fun and Happy 4th!
                    Jen, former Midwesterner, living in the middle of nowhere.