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Lip-Smackin' Lamb & Sweet 'n Sticky True Blood Sweet Potato Fries w/ Plums

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  • Lip-Smackin' Lamb & Sweet 'n Sticky True Blood Sweet Potato Fries w/ Plums

    I haven't posted in a while. Recent findings and advice for candida sufferers at and all the details 'n pics for the following recipes

    Lip-Smackin’ Lamb

    1 approx. 3 lb lamb shoulder
    1.5 teaspoons each: dried rosemary, dried sage, garam masala
    Sea salt and pepper to taste
    2 – 3 large garlic gloves, smashed, chopped, obliterated

    Coat the entire lamb with your spices. Stuff your obliterated garlic under the lamb and on top. Crank your oven to 400 degrees on convection and cook for about 40 – 45 minutes. Alternately, bake at 375 for about an hour. Your lamb will be medium rare and juicy sweeeeeeeet!

    Sweet ‘n Sticky True Blood Sweet Potato Fries and Roasted Plums

    1 large sweet potato, peeled and cut into fry-like shapes
    Sea salt and pepper to taste
    Cinnamon, paprika, rosemary, garlic powder, chipotle, turmeric, grated nutmeg, sage: sprinkle generously!
    Lard, melted about 1 tablespoon
    2 plums, cut into quarters
    Butter, cut up into pieces to ‘dot’ with

    Combine all the above. Crank your oven to 400 on convection if you have it. If not, do not concern yourself with trivial matters. Crank it to the same temp on normal. After about 20 minutes, toss and stir everything. Crank the heat up again to 425. Now, wait another 10 – 15 minutes. Toss, stir, coat. Crank again to 450 for 10 minutes. This is beginning to feel like that scene in Captain America where Steve Rogers is in the ‘MURICANIZING MACHINE screaming “NO! I CAN DO IT!” Yes, your sweet potatoes can do it. And yer plums.

    When these are done, they will come out glistening with streaks of blood. I mean, plum goodness. Right.
    A Post-Primal PrimalPat

    Do not allow yourself to become wrapped up in a food 'lifestyle'. That is ego, and you are not that.