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Goat's milk kefir - problems?

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  • Goat's milk kefir - problems?

    Hi. I've been making kefir with whole, raw (unpasteurised) free range cows milk and the grains make it go thick overnight.

    Having read about buffalo milk on sale in Waitrose UK I went to buy some, there wasn't any, so I bought Goat's milk.

    I put the grains in the goats milk overnight - nothing at all has happened and the milk is still thin and runny. Does goat's milk make kefir, or have I just killed off my grains??!! It claims to be full fat, but seems thinner and whiter than cow's milk.

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    I had no problems at all with making goat milk kefir. Did you wash off your grains or kept them in water in the fridge between batches? Is the volume of milk you are using higher? Both can delay 'kefirization' some. Unpasterized milk could kefirize faster. It usually take my pasterized milk (any type) about 2 days to thicken.
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      There's an adjustment period when you change milk types. I bought cow's milk grains online and it took a couple of cycles for them to adapt to goat's milk. Now it thickens up in 12-24 hours. Don't worry, kefir grains are pretty tough, it would take a lot of effort to kill them!


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        Well, my goat's milk kefir eventually "worked", i.e. tasted like kefir, but it is much thinner than it was with raw cow's milk. Second batch of goat's fermenting now...

        Another question; are there 2 types of milk kefir grains? The last lot I had were smooth, a bit like frogspawn in texture. They died when I was away for a few weeks. The present lot are like little cauliflowers; nobbly and rough textured, they look quite different. Still do the job though!