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    Originally posted by NicMcCool View Post

    Dude, b-sprouts are smart. I totally forgot about them.
    Brussels sprouts are ingenious. Especially if you deep fry them, which is a total man-recipe:

    Plug in deep fryer. Cut large brussels sprouts in quarters and small ones in half (lengthwise in both cases).

    Toss them in the deep fryer until they're slightly brown. Take them out with your bare hands and shake them in a big bowl with a paper towel in the bottom while you throw salt all around the kitchen. (Make sure some gets in the bowl).

    Unplug the deep fryer. Sweep the floor. Deep fried brussels sprouts. Amazing.
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      Deep fried in what type of oil though?

      This would be frakin' awesome in bacon fat!
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        Ya'll a bunch of girls.

        This is the only recipe you'll ever need- Meat.


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          Last night I tried to make a fancy dinner for Mrs. McCool. Grilled up a few pounds of salmon, and punched some 'cados into submission for some homemade guac.

          I even lit a candle and served everything on paper plates (no dishes to do afterwards. Smart.).

          Apparently other ingredients go into guacamole besides pulverized avocados, as my wife was quick to point out. Also "salmon isn't supposed to be frozen on the inside and black on the outside".

          Cooking's hard, dude.
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            Lucky for you, a good woman will still give you an A for effort.

            I'm definitely no chef. I made mahi mahi en papillote for my boyfriend when we first started dating. He actually thought I could cook. Poor guy. In reality, I have 7 or 8 dishes in my rotation that I know I can count on, and I kind of cycle through them and maybe change up the veggies or the seasonings. But practice really does make... edible. Not perfect, though. Certain things become instinctive and you won't have to try so hard.

            My best advice for any kind of fish or meat is to go to Amazon or your local store (we've got Target, but I don't know what you have there) and get a digital thermometer with an alarm. You stick the probe in the thickest part of the meat then run the wire out the oven or BBQ door. Set the alarm for whatever temp is done, then walk away. When the alarm goes off, take it out of the oven and it's perfect.

            This is the one I got at Amazon, though you can find them a lot of places for not a lot of money. I actually got mine at Target.

   Taylor 1470 Digital Cooking Thermometer/Timer: Home & Kitchen

            Also, almost everything on the planet that goes in the oven cooks at 350F/175C, so if you're not sure, set the oven for that.
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              Originally posted by Dr. Bork Bork View Post
              2 lbs ground beef

              You can put strips of bacon over the top prior to cooking if you wish, and some tomato sauce too

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              I just tried this...

              You're a genius Dr.Bok Bok, don't ever let them give you crap for inventing insane low carb recipes. They're just jealous bitches.

              Bacon, or ground beef.



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                Thanks, Darth. That means a lot to me coming from you
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                  Except for the soy sauce, of course.
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                    Good effort on the meal. Your mistake was cooking salmon instead of cooking proper meat.

                    Cool thread. I will subscribe to it for ideas.


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                      Awww, I think that is sweet with the salmon and the mashed avocadoes and all the effort. *grin*
                      If my hubby would do that I'd (secretly pour it into the plant pot and) go out to get him some well-deserved Haegen Dasz for desert.


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                        Blackened fish- melt 1/4 stick butter, dip 1/2 inch thick fish in butter, cover in favorite blackened seasoning. Heat cast iron skillet OUTSIDE on camp stove or propane side burner on high. Dont put anything in cast iron (no oil or fat, dry pan) until a little white smoke appears, put fish in skillet, flip when bottom edges slightly brown, finish on other side about two minutes. Top with herb butter. Serve with steamed, buttered veggies or cabbage sauteed in evoo, dash of sesame oil and chicken stock. Add hot sauce to everything, of course.


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                          Slice cucumber into 1/4 inch slices, put a little cream cheese on top, add sliced smoked salmon


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                            Cup of full fat greek yoghurt and berries
                            Grilled steak, steamed buttered cauliflower
                            Scrambled eggs, mexican spiced grass fed ground beef
                            Rotisserie chicken, chopped cucumber in evoo ,salt ,cracked pepper, oregano, lime juice


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                              U got everything u need, u should be feeling full and smelling fresh in no time!


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                                Originally posted by Dr. Bork Bork View Post
                                Aw! What a sweetie.
                                In my experience, that only lasts for about 2 months. After that it's "where is my dinner" and "I don't like squash."
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