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Experimenting with Mug Cakes

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  • Experimenting with Mug Cakes

    I used to bake all the time before starting primal/paleo eating. These mug cake recipes have been going around, and I have tried a few. I tried this one last night, and so far it is the best. It is very moist, simple with only a few ingredients, and reasonably healthy. Definitely not low carb, but it won't ruin you either.

    My Fav Primal/Paleo recipes: Paleo Mug Cakes

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    Did it stick to the sides of your mug? That looks awesome, though I have none of the ingredients (except an egg).
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      No, it didn't stick. I have made a few other mugcakes using some of the other recipes floating around, and none stick so far.

      This recipe was particularly good, and very moist. I forgot to mention that I did add a few packets of stevia. It may not have really needed it since the banana might have been sweet enough. I also broke up a square of 99% dark chocolate to mix in.


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        Just watch out because they are addictive. I have had to back off for a while. haha