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Best Primal Banana Bread Everz! :)

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  • Best Primal Banana Bread Everz! :)

    Hey everyone,

    My wife invented this awesome recipe awhile back. But I forgot to share!

    Here's what it looks like.

    Here's how to make it. (If you're concerned about carbs you can use less banana.) But this makes about 8-10 decent sized slices. So it's not a *ton* of carbs.

    2 cups almond meal/flour

    4 ripe bananas

    4 eggs

    1/2 T baking soda

    1 T b-powder



    Bake at 350 for 55 mins


    Have fun!


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    This looks wonderful! I grew up eating banana bread, and it's probably the one baked good that I really, really enjoyed! I will definitely be making this sometime soon! Do you think there is a way to make this using coconut flour? Sometimes almond flour is too... almondy for me


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      Ooooh, that looks good. I bet it's super calorie dense. Good for the guys who are gaining weight!


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        @Tara, I don't know if you could use coconut flour, but you could try

        @TenYearStorm, yea it's not the most "calorie light" food out there, but not too bad either.

        Here's a quick breakdown.

        I'd say there's 10 slices in each "batch" so here's the breakdown for 1 slice.

        1 slice:

        Calories: 198

        Fat: 13

        Carbs: 15

        Protein: 8

        Not the "best" but certainly not horrible either.



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          He Sean! Looks good, I'd like to try zucchini with this recipe. G2


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            I just so happen to have some really ripe bananas we bought a couple weeks back. I haven't ate any in so long figured I would get some, but btw me and the wife we only ate one over the past 3 weeks, so this recipe really comes in handy.

            Are 3 week old bananas too ripe?

            Either way I'll be making this tonight.


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              When did bananas become Primal?


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                OTB: Same time milk became paleo -- whenever an individual wants it to be


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                  I thought fruit was ok?

                  The Banana Bread looks GREAT - do you know if it'd work minus the baking powder?


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                    Looks pretty delicious, I might have to try it out

                    When were bananas not primal?


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                      That looks really good, but I'm gonna hold off until I'm down a few more pounds.

                      Everybody has a different feeling about everything. I ate bananas when I was paleo, but I try to avoid fruit now (easy to do now that I have my fat back). I'll have a few berries, or a piece of pineapple now and then, but I think Grok ate bananas when they were available, in whatever form they were available in at the time.


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                        I'm excited to try this out, but it will have to wait a couple of weeks.


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                          Great recipe

                          Made it last night and ate a slice right out of the oven with a large chunk of butter.

                          I cut down the amounts of baking soda and baking powder by half and it didn't seem to have any adverse effect. Also, for the vanilla and cinnamon you don't have measurements listed, but 1/2 TBS of each worked for me.

                          My wife took some to work this AM and said the baby really liked it.


                          For concerns of eating bananas, the times I eat fruit are few and include maybe 1-2 pieces a week if any. For the most part I'm more carnivore leaning, typically taking in at least 2lbs grass fed meat, 3-4 eggs, and lots of fat every day. If my ground beef doesn't congeal when cool than there isn't enough fat in it for me.

                          The only reason I had the bananas is because I hadn't ate any in probably 6 months or more, so figured I would pick some up at the market. Turns out our taste have changed so much, that btw my wife and I, we only ate 1 banana out of the 5 in the past 3 weeks since buying them.

                          Also, you have to take the intake of fruit/carbs relative to your other food consumption.

                          Here are my ratios for yesterday before the banana bread slice.

                          Cals 3,147

                          Fat 256.6

                          Carbs: 28.4

                          Protein: 176.8

                          Post bread not counting the butter:

                          Cals: 3 345

                          Fat: 269

                          Carbs: 43.4

                          Protein: 184.8

                          So even with the bread I'm probably eating more protein and fat than most in maintenance.


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                            hmmm should change this to coconut flour and zucchini and youd have a lot more takers

                            Get on my Level


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                              I'm a couple of years late to the party here, but I've made this twice now (just pulled my second loaf out of the oven) and it is fantastic! I wouldn't make it daily staple but it does lend itself well to freezing. Thaw out a slice, throw it in the toaster oven for a couple of minutes, add some bacon and you've got a fantastic, quick, indulgent breakfast. It's not exaggerating to say that this is just as good as, if not better, than homemade wheat-flour banana bread.

                              Thanks, OP (if you ever see this)!