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Steamed Lung: a challenge?

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  • Steamed Lung: a challenge?

    In the past week i would do all my meat in the pan, using butter to oil it.
    This week i decided to move to steaming my meat, because it's more challenging to make it tasty, it feels healthier and seriously, how fascinating is it to see steam cook things? And so quickly!

    Anyway, i have a beef lung (big thing) and some quality hamburgers. I would prefer not to mix the two and just make the lung. I heard it is often boiled for a few hours, like tongue, but isn't nearly as tasty. Any idea about how i should go about steaming it? And what i should do to make it palatable to boot? If all else fails i could pan-fry it with onions, but that would be a defeat, wouldn't it?

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    I have never personally eaten or prepared lungs, but I do remember reading about haggis making - the lungs were simmered, with the tube (trachea, perhaps?) dangling over the edge of the pan, so all of the mucus-y gunge could trickle out leaving the lungs lightly cooked and clean inside.

    It was at this point that I decided I wasn't cut out to make haggis....


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      You didn't happen to drop your purchase on an L.A. sidewalk, did you?
      Lungs found on L.A. sidewalk not human: coroner - Yahoo! News
      Frying something with onions never, ever defeats the purpose. Most of my meaty meals are enhanced with sweet vidalia onions.


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        It sounds unnecssarily aescetic.


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          Originally posted by breadsauce View Post
          I simmered, with the tube dangling over the edge of the pan, so all of the mucus-y gunge could trickle out
          euughgod that sounds horrible. I'm generally up for anything but...eugh.
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