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Challenge to chefs: Quick & Easy Kabobs

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  • Challenge to chefs: Quick & Easy Kabobs

    What are some of your easiest and fastest kabobs to cook? Grill or indoors? I'm about to start trying my own combinations/ways of cooking and am just looking for some ideas. I don't mind eating cold meat, so making a bunch at dinner one night and eating over the next two days sounds awesome to me.

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    Yum, whatever is in those pics looks pretty good.

    I am suspicious of cooking them properly, if anyone knows how to good them on a pan indoors, love to know whether you recommend high, medium or low heat. You want the black bits, but want to cook everything properly, but not stew.


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      For indoor grill the reversible skillet/grills work great, you can fry eggs on one side and use the other to grill. I'm lucky to live in a place where I can grill outdoors every day of the year, so that's my usual preference.

      I prefer grilled meat and raw veggies, so my kabobs are just meat kabobs =).

      Olive Oil
      lemon juice
      a little white wine vinegar
      salt & pepper
      Chinese parsley
      Grill on med-med high for 10-15 mins depending on size of meat

      Red Meat (beef):
      Red Wine Vinegar
      A little sesame oil
      Sea Salt, black pepper, some red pepper
      A little bit of fennel
      Grill on med-high to high for 7-10 mins
      "Go For Broke"
      Fat Kine-230/24% @ 6'2"
      Small Kine-168/9%
      Now- 200/8%
      Goal- 210/6%