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Condiment recipes required please!

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  • Condiment recipes required please!

    I love my creamy dressings for salads but in Australia we cannot purchase pasteurized eggs so mayo has to be made with unpasteurized raw eggs, olive oil, lemon juice etc. which I find can be a bit of a process, not to mention about 400 calories for the 2 tablespoons I like on my massive salads! I would love to know if anyone has any good recipes for creamy type dressings made with coconut milk or cream (coconut or dairy). I would even be interested in non-creamy dressings as long as they have a wonderful flavour. I am great at following recipes, just not creating them! Any recipes for quick and easy gravies or sauces for meats/veg would also be really appreciated. I have to have sauces and condiments on just about everything as I love flavour and detest plain, boring food! I have found a couple of primal condiment recipes here and there but they either have quite a few ingredients or are time consuming so quick and simple would be great!