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My first time trying grass fed beef...

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  • My first time trying grass fed beef...

    A friend of mine just gave me some grass fed beef for free. I'm pretty excited, as this will be my first time trying grass fed and from what I hear it tastes much better than the grain fed that is in stores. I have two beef livers, one eye of round steak, and some beef bones. For the bones, I am pretty sure I am going to make some stock with them. However... I already have my freezer full of stock. Are there any other recipes that use beef bones? And how should I best prepare the liver? I have tried chicken liver before. I'm not a huge fan of it, so are there any recipes that make liver taste "good"? I've never had beef liver before, so this will be new for me. Also, what is the best way to prepare eye of round?

    To sum it up, these are my 3 questions:

    1) Are there any other ways to use beef bones besides for stock?
    2) Any good beef liver recipes?
    3) How do I prepare eye of round? The package says "Eye of round steaks"

    Thanks to anyone who can help me! I appreciate all advice.

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    The secret with liver is don't overcook it. If it's thin sliced, a mere flash in the pan is enough. If thicker cut (3/8" or thicker), still just a minute on each side in a frying pan. Salt and pepper. You can make a crust for it with almond meal, salt and pepper. Put crust ingredients in a large ziplock baggie and add liver and shake around. Then fry briefly in fat of choice. Coconut is good, ghee would be good, though I've never tried it.

    Another idea. Cut into french fry sized strips before cooking, then fry or bread and fry. Use for dipping into dip sauce of choice - maybe mayo or thick Greek yogurt or sour cream with herbs?

    It's a very different and unique flavour. You either love it or hate it. But give it a try, you may be surprised. I've loved it all my life and one son loves it too, but hubby, of German stock, loves all things liver flavoured (pate, dumplings, etc) but not liver itself. Other son would rather die...