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Cooking with Coconut Oil ?

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  • Cooking with Coconut Oil ?

    I used to buy a refined Coconut Oil produced by Spectrum. It specifically says that it can be used at medium to medium high heat - which is what I figure I'm using on the stove to pan fry broccoli (my main CO use). The store I got it at now only carries unrefined which is for medium heat. The other store in the area that sells CO sells 2 kinds of unrefined - white kernel and whole kernel. Neither say anything about the heat they can be used at.

    Anyone have any idea if it really matters what kind I get? If I'm using a stove setting hot enough to brown broccoli am I undoing the benefits of CO?


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    I tried adding a block of coconut fat to my chip pan when the tallow ran a bit low. Tastes funny and has an unpleasent smell. I will be sticking with tallow in future.