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Pickled pepper beef

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  • Pickled pepper beef

    When I still ate bread I found a recipe for Italian beef in the slow cooker for sandwiches. It called for roast and a jar of pickled veggies. The sandwiches usually included malted onions, sprouts, and provolone.

    We have a freezer full of homegrown beef, and many pint jars of pickled jalapenos (with a couple carrots & onions for flavor).
    Just combine, cook, shred or slice and eat.

    Our latest craze is chopped chinese cabbage with a hearty portion of pepper beef on top. Heated just enough to melt the fat & tossed. So tasty!!!
    Seven Trees Farm - diversified subsistence farming on 1.25 acres.

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    Here's the original recipe - Pepperoncini Beef Recipe -

    We just had it for dinner tonight, tossed with cabbage. Went great with a little steamed broccoli, sliced avocado, and a lemon/olive oil sardine on the side.
    Seven Trees Farm - diversified subsistence farming on 1.25 acres.


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      i have an italian roast beef recipe the calls for italian seasoning, garlic, all that jazz and i usually topped my bowl of it with banana peppers and juice

      this recipe cut the middleman right out

      sounds good
      yeah you are

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