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    Just bought kohlrabi, Chinese broccoli, Japanese eggplant, long beans, jicama, daikon and purple yams. Ridiculously cheap at my local Asian supermarket. Can't wait to start cooking dinner.

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    There is an Indo-Pak small grocery that gets fresh produce every Friday that I occasionally visit. Some interesting stuff that I wd. like to learn to cook with. The taro root was of a better quality and price than the major supermarket chain here. It's really a nice ambiance in that small shoppe on produce day when esp. the Indian community comes together to do their shopping and socializing-more of an event it seems to me than just merely business with the smiles and rapid-fire Telugu/Tamil. I like that. Also I pick up my supply of mustard oil while there. It'd be great to hear what you do with the produce you mentioned....
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      Kohlrabi is one of my favorites!


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        I bought some mangosteen and banana sqaush yesterday. I haven't tried either yet. I want to try cherimoya and paw paw, but haven't been able to find either yet.

        Update: I tried the mangosteen and it was delicious. Tasted somehow like an orange at first, but then it was less acidic and sweeter. Delicious.
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          I LOVE my (semi)local Japanese grocer! H-Mart is INCREDIBLE. They have an incredible selection. Some recent takes:

          -Kobucha squash
          -Satsumaimo sweet potatoes (my favorite)
          -Okinawan sweet potatoes (white flesh/purple insides)
          -Daikon radish
          -Rice paper for spring rolls (tapioca flour + rice starch + water + salt, that's it!)
          -Wild white shrimp - always $4.99/lb fresh, not frozen

          They have fresh pork belly, whole pig hearts, monstrous bags of chicken drumsticks for $0.79/lb, ox tongue...there's some freaky stuff in the meat department. I love that place.

          They're one of the only places I can find legitimate "yams" that aren't just mis-labeled sweet potatoes. They have some weird African tubers there that I've never seen before. Many are boobytrapped with strange spikes and thick, bark-like skins. One day I will experiment.
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            The Chinese broccoli is best steamed and sprinkled with salt.
            The eggplant is great for ground pork stir frying.
            Same with the long beans.
            Daikon tastes best simmered in soy sauce for half an hour sliced into 1" rounds.
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              Thanks for that!