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Made the Meatza!!

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  • Made the Meatza!!

    I know you guys already know this, but OMG it's AMAZING!!!!

    I wasn't really missing the crust part of the pizza, but did miss pizza as a whole. I have made the cauliflower crust. It's ok. But Meatza?? YUUUUMMMMMM!

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    I made meatza for the first time last week. I'll never eat regular pizza again. I used chicken mince for the base coz that's what I had at the time, and it was awesome. Best thing is, using chicken mince made it look like a regular pizza too. I served it to my teenage niece and nephew, and they had no idea it wasn't normal pizza until they took a bite. They loved it! Usually they leave the excess crust on the plate but this time they scoffed the whole lot. I topped it with tomato paste, herbs, red onion, asparagus, bacon and a bit of mozzarella.

    I loved it so much I made it again the next day using some beef mince from the local grass-fed butcher. Gotta say, both were amazing but if yu haven't tried it with a chicken base, then give it a shot.
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      Meatza is amazing. It's been awhile since I made it but I might just have to try my hand at it this week. It's better on the second day, assuming it lasts that long which sometimes it doesn't...because it's just THAT good.
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        I will definitely try it, thanks! I have a lb of ground chicken in the freezer.... now I have a plan for it


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          Is the Meatza in one of the recipe books? Can I find the recipe online?


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            Here's the blog post recipe Mark did for meatza but just search the site and you'll find a lot more.