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  • Savory Muesli Bar

    We love this great show called The Food Truck (it's a NZ show), and on the latest episode, there was a cool-sounding recipe: Blood Pudding and Mushroom Muesli Bar!

    Now, I would primal-ize it a bit by using coconut flakes or some other form of what-not that people use for making granola that's primal or whatever, and some kind of other flour that people use for flour and stuff.

    but PEOPLE! i"m talking about blood pudding and mushroom grab-n-go brekkie!

    Didn't sell much on the show out of his food truck, but DH was like "lemme call him, maybe he'll sell me the stuff whole-sale!" LOL Anyway, had we been at that particular festival, there is something that DH would have walked up and ordered for sure.

    Anyway, there you go. Make it yours.

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    C'mon guys!

    BLOOD PUDDING breakfast bar? You're really passing this up?