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How to make a breakfast without eggs.

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  • How to make a breakfast without eggs.

    Hi everybody.

    My wife has been primal with me on and off the last couple of weeks, but we have a problem with finding a breakfast that fills her up in the morning.
    The problem with making a breakfast is that she is allergic to eggs.

    So if anybody got some ideas for breakfast without eggs we would be happy to hear it.

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    Smoked salmon & cream cheese or avocado
    Steak & mushrooms
    Bacon & mushrooms
    Ham, mushrooms & cheese (cold collation).
    Avocado can be added to any of these too.
    Fruit if she is not very carb/sugars sensitive
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      I really like primal meatballs with a spinach salad. It's all make ahead and very easy.


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        *My obligatory intro

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          Steak and steamed veg with butter. Any meat would work though.


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            A nice bowl of soup! :-) Just grab some stock and throw in some spinach, carrots, mushrooms, etc.

            I'm also looking for non-egg breakfast ideas. Mainly because whenever I go home, my parents are shocked at the vast amount of eggs I consume so I can't really make an omelette more than twice a week. >_<


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              bacon, liver, avocado and some coconut cream over the top.


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                Oily fish ... fatty fruit.

                Mackerel or salmon with avocado would be delicious, as would herring with some pickles (good gut health), either padded out with some light salad ingredients. If she's okay with some dairy, probiotic yoghurt is always welcome with any of these combinations, or a handful of blueberries and a sprinkle of nibbed hazels.

                "... needs more fish!"


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                  When I eat breakfast (not to often as I'm just not generally hungry mornings)... I tend to prefer some organ meat sauteed up in fat a bit. Beef heart, duck hearts and gizzards, chicken livers... rabbit livers when I can get my hands on the elusive little devils!
                  I portion my organ bits into individual breakfast sized baggies for freezing. Very convenient.

                  I've done poached pork spleen for breakfast as well (rolled with onion and sage leaves, pinned in place, and poached in a well season and rich beef bone stock). I made that ahead of course... then just cut out a portion of the solid jellied stock w/ a spleen roll in it and heated it up... meat, broth, yum. Extra onions, really thin and sauteed up with butter, are welcome when I do this one.
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                    Sausages. Or kippers.


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                      Any meat and vegetables. For example, this morning I had chicken sauce over sauteed swiss chard. It was delicious.

                      Also, smoothies made with kefir (coconut or cow), frozen berries, and avocado...yum.
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                        Onions, capsicums, mushrooms and bacon fried in ghee, garlic and ginger.

                        Or corned beef.
                        Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

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                          One option is to make your own homemade sausage patties - that way you get all the tastiness we associate with sausage, none of the junk that's so common in premade sausages - no nitrates/nitrites/MSG/etc. Even better, you can make a batch and bulk, and it'll last you a few days - and will probably be cheaper than the prepackaged stuff.

                          Google "homemade sausage recipe" or something similar for inspiration.

                          Basic recipe might look something like:
                          -Ground meat of your choice
                          -Salt and Pepper

                          If you're looking for more of an italian sausage flavor instead of breakfast sausage, you could try adding some anise and fennel seeds. Then, shape into little breakfast-sausage-sized patties, cook, and eat!

                          The above can be made with beef, pork, poultry, whatever kind of meat meets your taste buds' and nutritional requirements! Pair with veggie of your choice.
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                            Mushroom melt - take a large portobello mushroom, lay it in an oven proof dish, bottom side up. Top mushroom with cooked onion and bacon, cheese and sliced tomato. Grill until the cheese melts and turns golden.


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                              smoked salmon! so delicious!

                              for a more "traditional" fare, there are probably some recipes floating around here for various nut+fruit+ coconut combos that approximate a cold cereal or granola. not something one should have every day but preferable to an alternative of wheaty cereal.

                              personally I go for butter chicken, eggs, soup... something warm and delicious that will keep me full until dinner.
                              rotisserie chicken bits maybe?

                              ^ the mushroom melt above also sounds epic.
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