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  • Broth to sip at work

    I am wanting to incorporate some bone broth into my diet regularly. I am going to attempt to make some homemade bone broth next weekend. I am planning to bring a large mug of it to work daily and sip on it as an afternoon snack. This will be perfect as my boss keeps my office super cold! I was wondering if anyone else does something similar to this and if they add anything to their broth

    I was thinking of some spices that have great benefit (tumeric?!?)

    Maybe a few veggies diced very small. I'd rather not make it so full that it is like a soup stew.

    Maybe an egg like egg drop soup?

    I love the soup that they serve at the Japanese steakhouses.

    Any ideas out there? I will probably rotate between using beef and chicken bones to make my broth.

    Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!

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    Before I became primal I used to keep a box of bouillon cubes in my office and would use one to make a cup of hot broth whenever I felt run down, cold, or just wanted something hot that wasn't tea.

    Egg drop soup is easy and has held up well for me as long as I don't add the green onions till right before I drink it. Pretty much any clear broth based broth should hold up well and taste yummy re-heated.
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      Maybe add garlic and basil? Both are very good for you...

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        I think a real, long-slow cooked bone broth is a great idea! Very nutritious!

        My husband takes a tea to work every day in a vacuum wall Thermos and it stays HOT (as in, let it cool or it'll burn your mouth) for 8 hours and drinkable (*just* barely cooled enough to drink) for upwards of 12 hours. Totally worth it. Don't let the steam surprise you and burn you the first time you open it.

        Avoid cubes, no matter how tempting they are. They're usually junk, and then even IF they're all natural, you still don't get the benefits of the bone broth.

        ETA: Make sure you're using a grey/pink all natural salt in your broth, and maybe consider a potassium supplement too (I like AlsoSalt) and you're even more nutritious.
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