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How to make seaweed noodles soft?

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  • How to make seaweed noodles soft?

    I tried boiling it, and I've tried leaving it in hot seems the best way to get them nice and soft like regular noodles is to leave them in hot but not boiling water for about an hour. Anyone know a good way to soften these things? I hate it crunchy...


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    Simmering them in marinara sauce seems to take away a lot of the crunch. I guess it's because of the acid. I also find they stay a little too "snappy" in straight water.
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      I made a chicken casserole using kelp noodles and noticed the crunch was gone by lunch time the next day. Maybe if you make your dish a day ahead it will solve the crunch problem. Oh, and I made my casserole using reduced cream and cheese, if that helps at all.


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        Where do you guys find seaweed noodles? I am just getting into sea veggies. I got a variety pack from Maine Seaweed and I'm really enjoying it!


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          Hmm i'll try it a day ahead...and maybe i'll leave it in some lemon water haha

          I find mine at H-mart next to the refrigerated seaweed section


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            Here's my method. Works every time.

            Soak noodles in a bowl of cold water with a little bit of lemon juice, about 5 minutes.
            Bring a pot of water to a boil. Separate the noodles by hand in the water bowl, then add them to the pot.
            Boil noodles for 10 minutes. Drain them, then add them to whatever sauce you're making. Let them sit in the sauce until they soften up - could be 10 minutes, could be a little longer. Just keep testing them.

            I use Sea Tangle kelp noodles.
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              What if it is a soup? Doubt that will be acidic enough to break it down...though I have notice it softens mostly in whatever soup i'm eating