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  • Primal Fast Food? Canadian Option

    I don't know if this is the right place for this as I am new here, but a fast food option up here in Canada that can easily be twisted primal is Wok Box. I ordered from them last night and just asked that they replace their noodles with extra veggies - no problems. I had the Dan Dan Shrimp and they gave me a BOATLOAD of shrimp in that box! It was an excellent (if probably too spicy... and that's hard for me to say as a spiceaholic) meal, filling, meaty and no grain carbs.

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    What are they cooking their veggies in? Hopefully they're steamed?!?
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      LOL. How much did THAT cost you?! We've gone in TWICE (pre-primal) and laughed at the prices, leaving empty handed both times - we just could NOT bring ourselves to do it. The only reason we went in the second time is because we didn't believe it the first time. You must live in B.C. and I will guess you've never eaten Chinese food east of Manitoba. West coasters are the only people who would pay so much for such terrible Chinese food. It's amazing to my husband and I, both being NOT from B.C.

      Ah well. Vancouver sushi rocks, and we have flown out from Toronto just for that before. Sushi makes up for Wok Box. Oh, and Banana Leaf... Their Rendang Beef is pretty primal friendly.

      ETA: I see you are in AB. That's even worse. Not even sushi or Banana Leaf! We lived just south of Calgary, and for primal fare I'd say your best bet is Cactus Club. They have an AWESOME salad (Raincoast Greens) and we've never been disappointed if we asked for substitutions. Also good, Milestone's has a Mushroom Chicken dish they'll do with seasonal veggies if requested. But they're not grab and go... Not much grab and go that's primal in AB, I am afraid.
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        Believe it or not the prices seem not out of line where we are. Alberta restaurant fare is in general inflated compared to BC (I moved here 2 years ago from Vancouver). Plus, I wasn't looking for a dine in experience - it was late and we had not cooked dinner, so my wife and I just wanted something we could grab and bring home. Kids needed to go to bed. (PS we didn't feed them here - that would have been a fortune!)

        What did they cook it in? Honestly, I didn't check what they use to stir fry in but looks like principally water. This is only day 6 primal for me, so forgive me if I haven't gotten as ruthless as I should be about food. Just trying to focus on my meats and veggies, get into the rhythm of no carbs.