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Coconut water kefir - HELP please!

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  • Coconut water kefir - HELP please!

    Okay so I bought some water kefir grains. I tried to make water kefir, but holy shit it was so sweet after the 48 hours! I shouldn't be drinking that much sugar!

    Undoubtedly the grains were not performing up to snuff yet since they were new (to us at least), had a major change in elevation (going from sea level to where we live at 4600'), and as we keep our house at 66 degrees it is a little cold for them probably. So I don't think they are consuming enough sugar yet.

    However, I want to use them for coconut water kefir instead of sugar water kefir. I have read that you simply add 1 T of water kefir grains to the juice of a young coconut and you are set to go.

    Problem is, how much juice is that? Can I use bottled coconut water instead? Is this enough sugar for them to work? I think the bottled coconut water would be better to use since I think its cheaper than buying young coconuts over time (and I already have 4 T of grains, thats four coconuts x twice a week feeding!).
    If any experienced kefir maker would help, I would appreciate it!
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    Well, I added 1T to an amount of coconut water that I thought might be around the amount coming from a young coconut. We will see what happens.


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      You don't want to start your grains with coconut water b/c you throw away the first 2 - 3 batches. The grains have to wake up. After they are fully functioning, add your coconut water.

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        Thank you JKR! I appreciate the info. I will scrap the first coconut experiment and throw the grains into my sugar water.