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Broiling instead of baking?

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  • Broiling instead of baking?

    what's up!

    So I'd like to make this recipe Primal Chicken Tikka Masala | Mark's Daily Apple


    the heating elements in my oven aren't working properly.. so do you think I could set my oven to broil at 400 and cook it that way? the actual pan is covered while baking, so I'm not sure if it would matter.

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    It might work, if the temperature is right and there's enough barrier between the food and the coil that it doesn't char.


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      Give it a dash, I'd imagine it will get done eventually, as DR says, enough distance and a the covering of the chicken should protect it, hopefully!

      I made it the weekend, and it really is a cracking curry, be warned, it makes a fair bit, as it's virtually all I ate from Saturday up till Tuesday's evening meal, I do regret freezing a few batches now!!

      I got the opposite problem with my cooker, the elements on my grill (broiler) have just died, but the ovens okay, you don't realise what you got untill it chucks it's hand in.