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  • Coconut palm sugar

    The quest for the healthier sweetener led me to think about coconut palm sugar. I had seen it listed in some recipes. My instincts told me that if this is a real product then farmers in the tropics will have a hard time not over producing this sugar. I am going to approach a local importer of coconut oil (the only one that imports UNrefined coconut oil) about importing dehydrated coconut milk and coconut flour. These products are not yet available here in Israel. I was going to include coconut palm sugar in my request, but I think I will not ask for that now. Not until the issue is more clear.

    I researched how coconut sugar is produced and I now agree with the people at 'tropical traditions' that if we start buying this in a big way, it is going to effect the entire coconut industry.

    Check out their article about this:

    The Truth About Coconut Palm Sugar: The Other Side of the Story!

    So for now, I will stick with using date syrup or honey for any sweeteners I might need in preparing deserts. I make a delicious 'cookie' ball using tehini sauce (raw seseme seed paste) date syrup, ground nut meal, ground flax seeds and other seeds. I also made coconut balls using some honey as a sweetener.

    I eyeballed the preparation but I can try to make it into a recipe if anyone is interested.