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How would YOU stuff this pepper?

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  • How would YOU stuff this pepper?

    So I was on the phone with my aunt this weekend and caught out of the corner of my eye this guy on TV making what looked to be an amazing fish-stuffed pepper recipe. But since I couldn't hear it and I think I missed the beginnning, I don't know what was in the stuffing! It was almost certainly not primal, so maybe it's best that I missed it. I'll describe what I saw and throw it out to the great primal cooks out there for inspiration...

    He had what looked like a catfish filet laid out flat. It was probably 3/4 of an inch thick and maybe as wide as a hand. He took his bowl of white-ish stuffing and put an ice-cream scoop-sized dollop of it right on the wide end of the filet.

    He then rolled the filet over and all the way up to the skinny, trapping the dollop in the middle of the fish roll.

    THEN, he had a green pepper that he had cut the top off of and scooped out. He took the fish roll, turned it sideways so the open ends were on the top and bottom, and set it right down into the pepper.

    Then he put about 6 of those peppers all made the same into a dutch oven with a bit of water and set it in a fire of coals, with coals on the top too.

    I'm dying to replicate this recipe, but I just don't know what would sub in for that white dollop which was probably rice or bread or both mixed with cheese and other stuff...

    Thoughts? Thanks!

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    How about shrimp (or crawfish) mousse? Blend shrimp and eggs in a food processor until almost smooth and pulse in some butter.


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      Mmmmmmmmmmmm... I love stuffed peppers and have done tons of different variations.

      I would probably make a tartar sauce, and add some diced mushroom sauteed in bacon grease and finished with a little white wine.

      Here's my favorite recipe for tartar:

      2 egg yolks

      1 tblsp salt

      2 tsp white wine vinegar (or your fave vinegar)

      juice of one lemon (I taste at the end and sometimes squeeze another half in if it needs it)

      1 tsp worchestershire

      1/2 tsp dijon mustard

      1.5 cups oil (I use bacon grease, liquid but not hot)

      1 shallot minced, a good sized one (or a chunk of onion)

      1/4 cup sweet pickle relish, or if you like dill, or minced cornichons or that type

      2 tblsp minced capers

      1 tblsp fresh parsley minced

      fresh dill

      I use my immersion blender, but i think a food processor is a little better than a regular blender. Blend egg yolk through mustard, then drop by drop drizzle the oil like your making mayo. Then add the shallot, relish, capers and parsley.

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        This sounds like a wonderful time for a little excursion into the 20% non-primal allowance, dairy variety.

        Mix sour cream (full fat) with capers and some toasted slivered almonds. Roll up, slide into green pepper, top with some aged cheddar, roast till cheddar is well melted. Don't leave it too long -- fish should never be cooked more than just enough to keep it from being raw.

        You can also drizzle some lemon juice over the dish once you cut it apart to eat it.

        Some kind of tomato sauce also goes very well with stuffed peppers.

        Do tell us what you decide to do, and how it turns out!


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          Was the texture of the filling more like that of rice or of like mashed potatoes? Either way, I'd use cauliflower... boil it in water until its soft and then blend it in a blender to get a texture kind of like that of runny mashed potatoes.

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            This thread is making my newb IF attempt veeeery difficult!


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              NICE IDEAS! Thanks everybody, this is gonna rock...


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                I like Geoff's idea.... I would get some butter or bacon fat in there. Just fish would be pretty dry I think.

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                  i like geoffs idea too. maybe fold in some whipped heavy cream and add herbs like chives or some lemon zest. and yes Sir Grandma, a little smoky bacon would add another lovely flavor dimension.


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                    yeah, I like the mousse idea as well. It might be really good to do like a cajun rub or something on the fish prior to rolling it up like that, too.

                    I think I'm going to try this recipe this week with 2 peppers and 2 filets in the oven


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                      oh gosh, you just gave me an awesome idea...

                      I'd say to do this to the pepper.....

                      organic diced Tomatoes, Onion, Garlic...

                      add ground beef

                      add chopped tilapia (optional)

                      oregano, sea salt, pepper

                      add whatever else you want, then stuff pepper...


                      put cheese on top (if you want)

                      let melt....