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Smoked Trout Breakfast

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  • Smoked Trout Breakfast

    I've been getting smoked trout form Trader Joe's and mixing it with a bit of avocado, lime juice, smoked paprika from Penzey's, arugula, and a dab (or a giant glob) of sriracha. Sometimes I mix in a hard boiled egg. Awesome, awesome breakfast!!

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    This sounds interesting. What is sriracha and where do you buy it?
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      they pack that stuff in canola oil, and take off the skin! avoid.


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        Ease up, Jakey, I don't eat the skin and canola oil is not listed anywhere. I'm not afraid of canola oil. It's better than Cap'n Crunch.


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          i'm easy come, easy go, it's your meal! are you talking about this stuff:

          re. canola oil, if the standard is merely "better than cap'n crunch," well, okay. otherwise, a poor choice.
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            Sounds like a great breakfast though I will skip the canola oil. Funny, I never liked it even before I heard of PB. It is supposed to be virtually tasteless but to me it tastes like old socks. (Actually I have never eaten old socks, but I can imagine.)

            Sriracha is a kind of Thai hot sauce and you can probably buy it at your local supermarket. Absolutely delicious if you like hot sauce.
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              This is Duck Trap Smoked Trout from Maine. Canola Oil is not one of the ingredients. It comes in a package in the refrigerated section. I don't like tinned fish.


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                According to the Ducktrap website -

                Our smoked fish products contain no artificial coloring or flavoring. Instead, we use the flavor of brine, herbs, evaporated natural cane juice, and spices in combination with the savory smoke of northern fruitwoods and hardwoods. To ensure a longer shelf life, we rely on the freshness of the fish and shellfish that we smoke-not on chemical preservatives.
                Since I have food issues, I'd have to be cautious about unspecified "brine", since I can't handle celery seed or salt, but for the vast majority of those who aren't canaries in a coal mine, it sounds pretty good.

                And the way you make it sounds REALLY good!


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                  Boy that sounds fabulous. Trout is my favorite fish and here out our house, sriracha sauce gets used a lot. Plus we have a lime tree and lots of avocado trees. I might add cilantro to your dish. Yum!
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