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  • Crockpot Recipes?

    I searched through the forum to see if anything threads had been created for recipes using a crockpot, and unless I'm searching through the wrong area I was unable to find any. I love using the crockpot to mass produce meals and store them in the fridge/freezer for later use. Does anyone have any recipes that use a crockpot?

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    I don't have any crockpot recipes that are specifically primal. I do use the crockpot a lot, but I just tweak recipes from other sources so that they will fit within the primal way of eating. Substitute parsnips for potatoes, leave out the flour, etc.
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      Chicken and tomato soup?

      8 chicken thighs
      Can coconut milk
      Cup of stock (though not really needed)
      2 cans tomatoes
      Some herbs
      Whatever veg you like
      8 hours on low

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        If you do a search under "slow cooker" you'll probably have a lot more luck
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          check paleOMG and Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations. Both have several crockpot recipes on their website. I work full time and my husband and I just took over the Youth Groups at our church so 2 days we week I don't have time to cook. I use my crockpot atleast 2Xs a week and these 2 sites are my go-to sites for recipes. I also modify other recipes to fit my PB lifestyle!


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            We cook all kinds of cuts of beef and pork(roasts, ribs, shank bits, etc...) in a liquid concoction we devised to satisfy our barbecue sauce craving:

            A bunch of V-8 (main liquid content)
            A little Apple Cider Vinegar (couple oz. to help break down the tough cuts of meat)
            Red wine - optional. we keep the bottles the girlfriend rejects as unfit for drinki
            Red pepper flakes
            Garlic powder
            Onion powder

            Fill the liquid to/near the top of the meat. Crock pot/slow cooker goes on low. 7-12 hours depending on your plans for the day.
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              A little slow to get back to you all, but thank you for the links and suggestions! I'm just finishing Day 5 and I really dig this lifestyle. More recipes from the crockpot will make this a hell of a lot easier, too. Thank you so much!