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Big dose of flouride from teflon :(

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  • Big dose of flouride from teflon :(

    My housemate left a non-stick teflon coated pan on a high heat burner tonight and completely forgot about it. Then entire house filled with a thick black smoke before I realized what was happening and found it. I immediately pulled it off the burner and opened all the doors and windows a got fans. There was some smoke in my bedroom. There was enough black particulate in the air that we have some smoke damage in a couple rooms.

    From what I've been reading there is a lot of fluoride gas that was produced. There is something called "teflon flu" that people can get from being exposed to overheated teflon (fatal to birds, self-limiting in humans).

    What I'm wondering about is trying to limit any damage. Any thoughts? My health is not great in general and I've worked very hard to be someone functional?

    I have some iodine lying around here - should I take a little to compete out the fluoride? Or just forget about it?
    Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )

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    You should immediately begin taking iodine which is the best known method to detox Halides from your system. Nearly everyone is deficient in iodine which is required by every cell in our body for optimum health. We have been exposed to a sea of halides for our lives, and this has replaced most of the cells in our bodies with halide chemicals. These include fluoride, bromine, bromides, and chlorine and Pseudo-iodides such as perchlorate, nitrate and thiocyanate cyanate, & pertechnate.
    - - - Taking iodine supplements forces these toxins into the bloodstream (detox)
    - - - Too many toxins in the blood causes Detox Symptoms (temporary illness)
    - - - Special vitamins are required to help the liver & kidneys detox or you can get VERY SICK from these toxins.
    See these 2 documents to get started on your Detox program:

    If you have questions, join us at our Iodine Thread:

    Symptoms of iodine deficiency:



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      Do you have a cooker hood/filter that you could run to at least reduce particulates...?