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Primal Butcher Freezer Pack - What would you include?

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  • Primal Butcher Freezer Pack - What would you include?

    I'm about to put together an order for a freezer pack of grass-fed organic meats from our local butcher. I'm aiming for between $200 - $300. I'm still new to the whole PB thing, and haven't ventured into the organ meats yet; I think I'll wait 'til the next meat order for that. This butcher can source all the standards (beef, pork, chicken, lamb) plus game (venison, game birds etc.) and exotics (buffalo, ostrich etc.)

    I'll probably just stick with the standards for now... but which cuts?

    What would you put in your Primal Freezer Pack?

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    I would definitely get some ground lamb, for the best burgers (bunless of course!) you've ever had. And rack of lamb too, yum!!

    Beef - chuck roast (slow-cook all day for wonderful pulled beef, great leftovers for lunches), NY Strip and/or sirloin steaks

    Pork - uncured bacon and shoulder or boston butt roast for some deeeelicious pulled pork, plus maybe a tenderloin (there's a recipe if you search this site for pork tenderloin w/cilantro pesto -- it is OMG good)

    Chicken is kind of boring IMO ... duck is SO much more delicious!! I'd get a duck for sure if they have that.


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      I agree about chicken ... yawn! Turkey? Duck is heavy and fatty, but turkey is a good slab of pink meat and a good alternative to pork and chicken. I love turkey!

      Duck is great, too, slashed fat, rendered and fast fried in its own fat. What about goose? Can you get wood pigeon? Small breasts, but very tasty. Ostrich is fantastic! It does want slow cooking, though, then curried for the best IMO.

      Beef - Brisket! Get some brisket! The best of all the cow, beats fillet for me!

      Can you get lamb? Again, fatty slow cooking meat. Neck and shoulder is good. Shanks are ace!

      Pork - belly. Just belly.

      Putting that kind of order together, I'd be asking for some freebies! Trotters, chicken feet, organs - kidneys, liver, heart (lamb heart, OMG gorgeous!), tongue (beef tongue is a week of meals in itself). Ask for the freebies! Get bones! Get offal, learn what to do with it. Offal stew is a sheer bowl of heaven - kidneys, heart and tongue in one dish. Tripe? That's cow stomach. Chuffing lovely

      Ask for all that on top - you've spent your money, get it topped up with freebies.

      "... needs more fish!"