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Roast whole beef heart

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  • Roast whole beef heart

    I was thinking of roasting a whole beef heart when some friends come over next week. How big is a beef heart? Normally I cube heart and fry it, but this time I was thinking of roasting it whole like a chicken. Anyone ever tried this?

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    I gather you need to boil it first. Hope you have some big pans, it's comparable to the size of my head!

    Nabbed from Google images:

    Trim off the fat, and valves from inside, and I would stuff it with something probably including bacon.


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      I don't trim the fat off meat! Ha ha. Boiling first, interesting. I was thinking of simple roasting it. Slowly, of course. I don't hold with this high temp roasting where it is still a bloody mess inside.

      It does look good whole. Really good

      I wonder if it is really necessary to boil it first. I don't do anything to heart when I fry it, just throw the bots in the frying pan with plenty of fat. The water run off tends to mean it is a bit boiled rather than truly fried.


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        It's big! You will need to slow cook it for a good long time.

        I would recommend you go at it with a sharp trimming knife to take off membrane and anything you think would be a bit ikky. Don't slash off all the floppy bits - you can trim them after cooking.

        Stuff the heart!

        When you clean it out under the tap, flowing water through it will show you how it works. Pay attention - this will help you when you stuff it. Make up stuffing from nuts and mushroom (and herbs, spices and whatever) ... stuff one side and them make up similar, but different and stuff the other. Cover the top with bacon and tie it all up with string.

        Now, immerse in stock and cook for as long as you can. Low ... say 125C for all day? 6-8 hours?

        Take out, cut off the string, eat the bacon (Chef's treat), slice off the floppy bits and set aside (later, Chef's treat) ... and slice through, giving a couple of slices per person.

        Accompany with simple veggies and a gravy. Heaven!

        "... needs more fish!"


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          Holy bill that sounds delicious.


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            Here's some lamb hearts I did by way of example:

            living in the ice age: Stuffed Lamb Hearts

            "... needs more fish!"


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              Aww, that looks sooooo good! I've done hearts a variety of ways, but I've yet to stuff one. I think I'll give this a shot in some form or another.